Sunbed circuit boards


Sunbed diagnostics

If your commercial sunbed is malfunctioning, our specialist engineers will carry out a full diagnostic check and repair the fault if possible. Our fully qualified sunbed engineers will perform diagnostics on circuit boards and software, identifying faults and carrying out updates if needed, to help make sure your sunbeds will run at optimum performance going forwards.

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Software updates and diagnostics

We can perform electrical diagnostics on a range of sunbed makes and models, and can perform remedial work on circuit boards, or replace them as required.

Ergoline diagnostics

Many sunbed engineers won't attempt to work on an Ergoline sunbed, due to their complex circuits and electronics.
If you've been told your Ergoline cannot be fixed then give us a call!

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Many sunbeds need diagnosing before finding the issue. Error codes help us point in the area where the problem may be, and they also help us shorten the list off potential issues. We have all the software, equipment, and knowledge to diagnose your sunbed when finding present or potential future issues.