sunbed interior with light tubes


Sunbed Re-Tubing

This is the most common form of sunbed maintenance, and we have tubes suitable for all sizes and models commercially available. We cover all types of repairs on any bed. Whether you need repairs for a burnt-out RFI capacitor on an Ergoline Excellence or an LED repair on a MegaSun P9, we have the experience and knowledge to make sure the work is carried out reliably and effectively.

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Ergoline specialists

With qualifications in engineering and sunbed diagnostics, we can efficiently repair most types of Ergoline PCB boards and programme you the latest software version on any Ergoline sunbed. We have all of the latest Ergoline software for any model of bed to keep you sufficiently covered and ensure your Ergoline is running efficiently.

With our re-tubing service you are always assured of a fast, efficient and professional service from a qualified professional.

Ergoline sunbed in clinic