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Please read these fully before engaging with this website and its services.

It is to be understood that in the following T&Cs and across the website, Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd is the provider and seller. Any first-person, plural pronouns used (e.g., “we”, “ourselves”, “us”) in these terms, descriptions or across the site refer to Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd.

“Client” and “customer” may be used interchangeably to refer to those who use this website or its services.

“Terms and Conditions” or “T&Cs” includes the terms given here and those of any third-party payment processors in use on this site.

A breach of these Terms and Conditions may result in termination of any contractual agreement between Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd and the client. We reserve the right to cease or refuse service at any time to customers found in breach of these T&Cs.

1. Website Usage

1.1.Access and usage of this website binds one to these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with any of these Terms and Conditions, you may not access this website or engage in any of the services it provides.

1.2.Any and all users of this site are bound by these T&Cs regardless of reason for engagement, be it professional or personal.

1.3.These Terms and Conditions may be subject to change at any time, with notice of this provided on entry to the website. It is not our responsibility that users are up to date with any revisions to these T&Cs, it is important to check in regularly on this page for amendments, as usage of this site post changes is automatically understood as acceptance of any updated T&Cs.

1.4.Any future services, products or updates added to this site at a later date are also bound by these Terms and Conditions.

1.5.No content on this website is to be duplicated or re-used for professional purposes or profit without clear permission from Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd.

2. Purchase and Payment

2.1.Purchase through the online store creates a contractual agreement between Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd and the customer. This contract is subject to these T&Cs.

2.2.Payment for products and services purchased through this website must be paid for in full at checkout prior to them being shipped.

2.3.Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd retains the right to change the cost of its services and products at any time.

2.4.When purchasing and booking a retube, the customer must provide the full sunbed make and model to ensure Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd can make the correct arrangements.

2.5.All retubes must be paid for upfront before the day of service, following the issue of a Pro-Forma to the client.

2.6.In purchasing any tanning units from us, the customer agrees to arrange appropriate provisions and insurance for the unit(s) in order to best prepare for unforeseen events that could incur extra costs.

3. Delivery and Installation

3.1.Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd will not ship outside of the UK. Delivery only includes England, Wales, and Scotland, with delivery to Ireland being accepted in some cases. Please contact our team if you are unsure whether your address is accepted for deliveries.

3.2.For installation of tanning units, the client must provide appropriate access to the location the unit(s) are to be placed. This includes but is not limited to: providing permits or making any other arrangements for parking, and the removal of obstacles/walls that will prevent installation. If the appropriate measures are not taken in time for a smooth installation, a return visit to attempt installation again will result in an extra charge to the customer. The removal of obstacles by Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd will also incur extra costs.

3.3.For unit installation, the customer must also provide a full description, and in some cases a diagram, of the layout of the installation venue in order for timer systems, ventilation, and unit/product measurements to be discussed and finalised for the day of delivery.

3.3.1.The customer is required to have their own ventilation in place ready for any tanning units to be installed.

3.3.2.The customer must also have all the correct electrical specifications and arrangements in place before the day of installation.

4. Returns and Refunds

4.1.Returns and refunds will not generally be accepted or given for products/services purchased through this website. In exceptional circumstances contacting our team may result in allowances being made, however, Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd. cannot guarantee that such requests will be accepted.

5.Limitation of Liability

5.1.All second-hand tanning units come with a 6-month warranty unless stated otherwise. This warranty does not include sunbed acrylics or consumables such as starters and lamps- spares will be given on installation.

5.2.Warranties are not guaranteed for all products and services, any warranty in place will be specified on or prior to purchase.

5.3.While Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd aims to provide its services and products to the highest possible standard, we cannot guarantee that they will be faultless, and no legal liability will be accepted by ourselves for indirect product or service failure (excepting the occurrence of professional negligence).

5.4.This website and its services are offered ‘as is' by Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd, the customer is liable for their own engagement and uses any material on this site at their own risk.

5.5.In accepting these terms and conditions, the customer agrees not to use any services or products provided by Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd for any unlawful purpose or with any dishonest intention. Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd is not liable for any unlawful usage of its services and may cease service to those in breach of this term with no prior notice to the client.

5.6. Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd accepts no responsibility for improper use of its products and is not culpable in the unlikely event of injury. The buyer of our unit(s) is responsible for ensuring that the correct regulations and precautions are in place for commercial use to minimise any risk to their clientele.

5.7. Procyon Tanning Logistics Ltd accepts no liability for any consequences that may arise from failure to have products properly insured.

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