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Sunbed suppliers

As commercial sunbed specialists, we can repair, maintain, and install sunbeds for your tanning salon. Our specialist engineers can perform diagnostics on sunbed electronics, and will undertake the necessary repairs, saving you time and money. We are also prominent sunbed suppliers, serving tanning salons across England and Wales, and enabling them to access the highest quality tanning beds for their customers.

If you are considering ordering a sunbed from us, why not have a read through our FAQs to set your mind at rest?




Q: What is my sunbed running at per hour/minute?

Assume your tanning bed has a power rating of 9.6 kilowatt or 9600 watts (9600 x 10^(-3)), and your electricity rate is 0.30p. You can multiply your rate by the power of the tanning bed to show what your bed is running per hour. Simply divide the answer by 60 to show what your tanning bed is running per minute.


9.6 ×0.3=£2.88

Rounded to 2 decimal places we can see that the tanning bed would run at 5 pence per minute.


Q: What is the weight limit for the average lie-down sunbed?

As specialist sunbed suppliers, we advise that most sunbed makes and models have a weight limit of around 18 stone, this is the average weight limit for Ergoline and MegaSun.


Q: Can I use my own cream on a sunbed?

Only use Tanning approved creams and lotions that have been tested effectively from your local tanning salon, avoid any mineral based creams, oils and products containing ethyl alcohol (i.e. Ethanol, Methanol etc.)


Q: Can anyone use a sunbed?

Only people over the age of 18 can use a sunbed. You must also know your skin type; some people can produce more melanin that others therefore increasing melanin synthesis via UVB rays. Please see your doctor to advise based on any health conditions etc.


Q: Should I remove my makeup before going on a sunbed?

Absolutely. As sunbed suppliers we warn that any makeup left on the face during a tanning session will restrict the tanning process to the face, leaving makeup on could also potentially cause allergic reactions dependant on the products you use.


Q: Should I apply a tanning lotion before a tanning session?

You should always use an approved tanning lotion before going on a sunbed, this can speed up the tanning process reducing the scale of sessions. This will also keep your skin moisturised during the session, dry skin can affect the tanning process during the session.


Q: Do I have to wear eye protection when using a sunbed?

Yes. Closing your eyes is nowhere near enough to block out UV rays, your eyelids are thin and sensitive, this is why we use special eye protection such as goggles and wink-ease etc.


Q: How can I protect my tattoo during a tanning session?

There are specially formulated creams to help protect your tattoos during the tanning cycle. If your tattoo or tattoos are new then we recommend not using a sunbed for at least 6 weeks, everybody heals differently so when the tattoo is healed, and the epidermis is repaired then you can ask your local TSA approved salon/consultant if it's okay.



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