Sunbed Services

Here at Procyon, we cater to tanning businesses up and down the country, providing reliable, qualified engineering, maintenance, and sunbed repairs. We cover all models of commercial sunbed, and can perform straightforward re-tubing or circuit board replacement as needed. If your sun bed has suffered a burn out, or need a new timer system, we have the knowledge and capability to ensure your tanning business can run as smoothly as possible.



We carry out all aspects of commercial sunbed repairs, including replacing tubes, and performing circuit board repairs.  more  


This is the most common form of sunbed maintenance, and we have tubes suitable for all sizes and models commercially available.  more  

Sunbed diagnostics

If your commercial sunbed is malfunctioning, our specialist engineers will carry out a full diagnostic check and repair the fault if possible.  more  

Timing system installations

This part of a sunbed mechanism is critical, and it is vitally important that the timing system is working reliably at all times.  more  

Sunbed Installations and courier services

Whether you are starting a new tanning salon, or replacing some of the older sunbeds in your studio, we are here to help.  more  

Sunbed Servicing

Have your sunbeds repaired and serviced on a regular schedule, ensuring their optimum performance for the year to come.  more  

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